Privacy Policy

Nursing Foot Care is a medical service and therefore Longevity Foot Care takes the privacy or their clients very seriously. Personal information will not be shared with any unauthorized person- under any circumstance. This means that medical information will be shared with the client, clients designated family members and other members of the health care team as indicated. Client will be notified by nurse prior to other health care professional involvement. On occasion the clients specific health concern/ situation may be shared with fellow foot care professionals in order to collaborate and provide the best possible outcome for clients. This includes sharing of photos that will be restricted to clients feet- and will not include their face. Client permission will always be obtained prior to photos being taken.

To further this privacy policy, Longevity Foot Care will not share any information collected from email opt ins with any other person or agency. Email opt ins are for the benefit of the person who has chosen to share their email to receive information, or other communications with, and only with- Longevity Foot Care. Under no circumstances will client/ customer information be shared with outside agencies. In addition to this- clients/ customers may unsubscribe from email lists at any point should they decide they do not with to receive emails from Longevity Foot Care- and an Unsubscribe button can be found at the bottom of every email sent.