In- Home Medical Pedicure                                  $60

Includes assessment of current health condition of feet. Clipping of nails and thinning of callus. We will tackle any foot concerns you may have. After the first appointment you will receive the note from our visit and recommendations for care of your feet going forward. No foot soaks (it is no longer best practice) but we will rub your feet and lower legs down with a rich lotion and get that circulation going in the toes. Visits are approximately 1 hour long.

Group Rate                                                            $50

If two or more clients are in one location for back-to back visits each receives a $10 discount.

Nail Bracing for Ingrown Nails                            $45 per nail

Nail bracing is a technique used to retrain nails to grow straight as opposed to curling into the toes and going ingrown. Nails that tighten on the nail bed curling inwards are called involuted. The brace can be applied to the big toenails, and they are descreet and painless. The cost of the nail brace is per nail and in addition to the in home visit fee. Includes a flexible, antifungal gel coating to all nails ( if desired) that can be polished over.

Low- Level Laser Fungal Nail Treatment                            $500

For this amazing treatment we will use the Genesis Health Light- which is an effective Health Canada licensed and FDA approved, low level cold laser therapy device that destroy's fungal cells. The light also alleviates pain in the body and stimulates healing at the cell level by concentrating light through the innovative water- based filter. It is completely safe to use even for diabetics. It is a painless procedure, safe and non-toxic with no toxic side effects. This procedure has a higher rate of success than other treatments.

What is the procedure? The fungal nail will be filed down as much as possible and a blue activating serum will be applied to the nail (this will wash off), then the Genesis LIght will be put over the nail for 5-7 mins. The nail will require 3-4 treatments 3 weeks apart. We will make another appointment in 3 months to reassess the need for an additional treatment.

This treatment is 97% effective!

After treatment you will be required to apply an antifungal oil to the nail once a day and sanitize your shoes and socks so as to not reinfect the nail. All treatments are considered a health expense and are tax deductible. 


-Fungal Nail Treatment kit: Nail Treatment oil, Fungal skin lotion, Disinfectant for shoes, Disinfectant detergent for linens, New Socks, Instructions for protocol

-3-4 treatment visits 3 weeks apart initially

-3 month follow up treatment

All Treatments performed in the comfort of the clients home.